OK, The Final Votes have been Counted

Well, all of the votes have now been counted and I received official notification from the City that I will be a City Council Person. We will be sworn in at a special meeting on Thursday, March 26th at 7:00 pm at the City Council Chambers. Everyone said that the remaining votes probably wouldn't change anything, but I just didn't feel right moving forward until all of the votes were counted.

First I want to share my sincere gratitude to Joe Santoro for his service to the City. Joe has been a public servant his entire career and I'm sure he will continue to be involved in service to the community in one way or another. When I met with Joe early on in the campaign he shared with me that he had started writing a book a number of years ago and I saw in the Tribune he will finally take the time to fulfill that endeavor. I also want to commend Joe on the fact that even though we disagreed, he didn't waiver on his belief that the recent development trend was good for the City. It takes a lot of integrity to stand behind an unpopular opinion.

I also want to thank Erica Landmann & Michael Allowas for dedicating the time, money and energy it takes to run for Council. An election always encourages open discussions of current issues and regardless as to who won, their involvement encouraged conversations that need to be continued.

I look forward to working with Judy, Mendell, Karen & Gene as I truly believe the sacrifices they have made is because of their love of this community and desire to give back. I have worked hand in hand with the City Government on countless projects over the last 30 years and am excited about being able to help continue the tradition that Glendora is the Pride of the Foothills.

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